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3 Easy Ways That Nutrasoft Can Take Your Food Business To The Next Level

Looking for a solution to a problem on google? Yeah, aren’t we all… It can be confusing when you’re looking for “Production Management software” for example, and before you know it, you’re 6 minutes deep into a highlight reel of Gordan Ramsay screaming at Hell’s Kitchen contestants.

1. Create you own nutritional facts labels

Despite the fact that health conscious customers think quite a bit, they’re thinking quickly and a nutritional label can literally make or break a sale in under 5 seconds.


In some specialized businesses, selling your products isn’t always straight forward. For example, managing a Keto or Gluten-Free business can be rewarding… and demanding. 

Customers are often health conscious and think quite a bit before making their purchase, “are there too many calories? This looks great but how many grams of sugar? Am I eating too much salt?” . 

Despite the fact that health conscious customers think quite a bit, they’re thinking quickly and a nutritional label can literally make or break a sale in under 5 seconds.

Over the years we’ve worked with quite a few clients that “require” a nutritional label, these are usually the businesses that are looking to get their product into a larger chain. But we’ve worked with even more that have a dozen or so recipes, and they simply want to have the nutritional labels on the products without spending an arm and a leg.

And thus, our monthly nutritional facts label program was born, due to popular demand, we created a program that  

you can cancel at any time, and create unlimited recipes as well as nutritional labels for those recipes.. All for $69 a month.

In an ideal world we would love to have all our customers as subscribers throughout the year, But the truth of the matter is that for most businesses a month or two is all you need if all you’re looking for is nutritional labels, and that’s why we offer this program.

2. Inventory & Traceability

Most small business owners view lot traceability and recall in two ways a tedious process on excel that takes way too long or an extremely expensive software that can cost thousands of dollars per month. The question is when does traceability software come in handy & why?

Earlier this week we spoke to Mimi Bercovitch, Co-Owner of Mi & Stu about her experience using NutraSoft for recall and food traceability. Mi & Stu is a gluten-free, allergy free business that supplies many large corporations and airlines in Canada & the US with Gluten-Free snacks.

Mimi Berkovitch (Mi) & StephanyLondon (Stu) co-owner of Mi&Stu speaking to the NutraSoft team earlier this week from their production facility.

When asked about the importance of Traceability and Recall, Mimi commented “(traceability) is really important in companies that are going to be audited in any way and are going to have to recall products.”

Lot traceability can be a lot of work without the right tools, which is why businesses search far and wide for a cost effective and EASY solution.

"Let's say I find out my icing was contaminated with wheat, it's really easy, I put in whatever lot number this icing is and find out every product that it went to and it tells me everyone that I spoke to"

3. production management software

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Mark Twain

Well we don’t know about the second part of that quote, but we do know that this applies more to food business owners than most other industries. One thing we truly enjoy about this industry is that such a large portion of businesses are born from passion and brought to life through hard work. People who do what they love, are usually very good at it.

Unfortunately making money isn’t a guarantee despite the quality of the product, and that’s why food production software is so important. Important to understand the difference between what you estimate that your making, and what you’re actually making.

Food production software helps you to understand, why and how. Why are you producing less than you should be; Why are you making less profit than you should be; Once you understand this, and can see it clearly, it helps you to create the “how”. It helps you to clearly see and implement improvements in your day to day production that will enable you to produce more efficiently and improve your margins.

Most importantly, tools have to be affordable and flexible. All of the above that you have just read is available for as low as CDN $69 a month and cancellable at any time.

If you already have production software, excellent, you’re already a step ahead.. Nutrasoft will integrate with existing software to fill in the gaps, save your business money and make your life easier.

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