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The Food & Beverage

Manufacturing Software

Trusted by over 1000 bakeries, farms, manufacturers, restaurants and small food businesses of all kind.
NutraSoft is the only software designed specifically for small businesses in the Food and Beverage Industry.

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What does the NutraSoft platform do?

Nutritional Facts Calculation

Create and Print unlimited nutrition facts labels from ANYWHERE for all your Canadian or American clients

  • Nutritional Facts Calculation
  • Recipe cost including labor and operations
  • Unlimited Users, Unlimited Recipes, Unlimited possibilities
  • Start & Cancel whenever you need to
  • Manage production and recalls on all recipes you create
  • All for the price of a gym Membership!
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows ONLY
Food Traceability

Food Traceability

Recall your raw materials & finished products with ease

  • Quickly find productions where raw materials lot numbers were used
  • Locate the origin of any raw material (supplier, date received, quantity etc..)
  • List all the customers having compromised finished goods
  • Be on top of any inspection without mobilizing your staff and ressources

Food Production Management

Create production sheets for any desired quantity using your recipes

  • Generate production calendars
  • Follow up production progress
  • Manage inventory requirements
  • Integrate production and quality control instructions
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