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about our company

Our Mission

Nutrasoft’s mission is to provide small food & beverage businesses with the most complete and affordable food manufacturing software that enables them to manage their day-to-day operations.

From humble beginnings...

NutraSoft was founded by a team of software developers in a food manufacturing plant in the late 1990s… Quite literally on the production floor of a rapidly growing Montreal-based food manufacturer. At the time, the goal was to create a software system that could manage operations, traceability, nutrition and order fulfillment of a relatively large company.

The program worked, it was a success, but it was hardly unique in the medium to large food manufacturing space. Over the years, we noticed that small food manufacturers who were not able to afford our food manufacturing solution would resort to using excel spreadsheets or multiple different software programs that are difficult to manage collectively. However, we weren’t sure how to approach this challenge or how to solve it at the time.


In 2018, almost 20 years on from our very first customer, we decided it was time to create something truly unique. A software that addressed all the needs of a small food manufacturer in a package that all small food manufacturers could afford.

The challenge was to create, sell and support an affordable solution and, frankly, how to make money in the process. So we decided to consult our roots, create the minimum viable product based on our largest software, and go out to local food manufacturers to see if the program met their needs. Which initially and to our surprise didn’t! But those first few small food manufacturers, who were encouraged by the initial attempt and promised pricing, allowed us to use them as a sounding board in order to improve the software to a point where it did everything they needed.

Our first customers were our most important partners, and there is no better way to develop a solution than to work hand-in-hand with those who experienced the challenges without it, every day.

Fast forward to 2021, we are proud to report that our sounding board, our customers, our partners, now make up over 1,000 small food manufacturers who trust us enough to use NutraSoft every day, for all their operations.

When we say that NutraSoft was developed by food manufacturing people, for food manufacturers, we mean it.

Why Choose Us?

  • NutraSoft’s production management module was designed by food manufacturing people for small food manufacturers. Our goal is to help as many small food & beverage businesses as possible with the most feature rich, integrated & affordable software on the market.
  • We’ve integrated USDA & Health Canada Food databases to help you meet labelling regulations, produce & research recipes as well as reduce food waste by calculating & tracking yield.
  • Nearly all NutraSoft features are derived from our own customers’ suggestions and wishlists. We include support and setup with our subscriptions in return for the valuable feedback that our customers provide us which enable NutraSoft to be the product it is today and to continue innovating into the future.
  • True cloud-based storage and data protection – NutraSoft was designed to enable secure data storage and access from anywhere in the world at any time.