Nutrition Analysis

Create FDA & CFIA approved nutritional facts labels for your food & beverage products by using Nutrasoft’s integrated nutrition analysis tools and government databases. 

Cloud-Based Nutrition Analysis Software

Use NutraSoft’s integrated USDA & Health Canada databases to create regulation labels and Nutrition Analysis reports for all your products

Export labels into multiple formats. Calculate and project the cost of producing and scaling your recipes with Nutrasoft’s  detailed recipe costing functionalities

Creating nutritional facts labels has never been easier

Who is NutraSoft’s Nutritional Analysis for?

  • Food Services: Nutrasoft is the trusted nutrition analysis and labelling tool for hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, catering businesses, pizzerias, gyms and nutritionists across North America. NutraSoft is used to analyze recipes and generate the nutritional information that your customers want to see. All data can be exported and moved to your website or menu for display.
  • Food Manufacturing: Save thousands of dollars of laboratory and consulting fees by using NutraSoft as an In-House nutrition analysis and labelling tool. With NutraSoft, you can create custom ingredients, produce regulated nutritional fact labels, create recipes & research recipes, store all your information securely in the cloud and research recipe scaling costs.
  • Education: We take pride in the fact that NutraSoft is used by educational institutions across North America. Whether you’re teaching a class of culinary students on how to produce labels and meet regulatory requirements or showing children how to create healthy meals. NutraSoft’s unlimited user program ensures that your nutritional requirements are met in an easy to use tool.
  • Healthcare: Use NutraSoft as an affordable unlimited user nutritional analysis tool to create healthy menus, conduct nutrition analysis of your recipes and design the optimum nutritional profile for any dietary needs. Take advantage of NutraSoft’s Food & Beverage yield analysis and integrated government databases to reduce food waste and order the perfect amount of inventory for your inventory requirements.

Recipe Management

From your raw materials to your finished product, NutraSoft allows you to keep track of all aspects of your recipe creation process. Feel free to categorize recipes, store pictures, and technical documents in your cloud recipe folders to stay on top of all your recipe requirements.

Recipe Costing

NutraSoft includes precise recipe costing tools that allow you to account for both inventory & production yield as separate stages of the production process. If you’re not quite sure about the yield of your ingredients, NutraSoft’s government database will provide you with suggestions for each ingredient that you may use.

Secure Cloud Storage

NutraSoft securely stores all your recipes and sub-recipes on the cloud, keeping them private and secure. They are only accessible by you and other personnel you provide your license to. Additionally, NutraSoft allows you to download all your recipe information for offline storage as well.

NutraSoft in Action

NutraSoft’s user friendly nutritional labelling system allows you to easily access every aspect of your daily routine at a push of a button.

  • Create sub-recipes and recipes in the NutraSoft database by adding your ingredients and quantities. Select a portion weight to calculate your nutritional facts and write a description of the portion that will appear on the label.

So what will your day to day of nutrition analysis look like while using NutraSoft?

  • Create your ingredients list by using NutraSoft’s extensive government food & beverage databases or create custom ingredients that may be unique to you (optional: enter your costs and yield for detailed recipe costing information).
  • Select the nutritional facts label format of your choice or create a detailed nutrition analysis technical document.

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