NutraSoft gives you the tools that you need to grow sales, keep track of reorder points and make the process as easy and intuitive as possible. Create customized quotes with your branding, pricing and credit controls & take advantage of NutraSoft’s QuickBooks integration to have clients seamlessly pay online.

How it Works

  • Generate a quote or sales order with NutraSoft that is automatically recreated in QuickBooks
  • Export the quote to any convenient format or send directly to your customer online
  • All products on each sales order have trackable lot codes that can be recalled at any point
  • Send your quotes directly to your customer with an integrated payment system for them to pay online
  • Use detailed business intelligence dashboards to keep you up to date with your sales performance.

Sell more with less effort

Sales Orders & Invoicing
Automate your sales order, invoicing and payment process by syncing NutraSoft with your QuickBooks Online account (available with the Ultimate package only). NutraSoft will automatically share information with QuickBooks that will allow you to lot track everything that goes out to your customers while staying on top of your payment processing, reorder points and key performance indicators.

Quickbooks Online Integration
No need to download and upload files or manually enter finished goods into QuickBooks Online. NutraSoft has a real-time integration with Quickbooks Online that communicates inventory, production, packaging, sales and purchasing adjustments as you create them. Whenever a product is packaged, NutraSoft will automatically notify QuickBooks Online.
(*) Available with Ultimate Package

Fully integrated sales system

With our fully integrated sales system, NutraSoft will allow you to sell more in less time with less effort than ever before.

Customer Management
Create and customize sales orders & quotes for each of your customers as you see fit in NutraSoft’s customer management menu. Organize your sales team and process, record call back dates and notes on each customer interaction & sync with your QuickBooks customer file so you never skip a beat (available with the Ultimate package).

Produce accurate COGS reports
NutraSoft is first and foremost a manufacturing software for the food & beverage industry. Why is this important? When you produce a COGS report, it will include EVERY detail, from your food waste, inventory & batch yield to your COGS of fully packaged items that have been QA & Safety inspected.

Close sales on the go or from the comfort of your office

NutraSoft streamlines the process for leads, quotes, sales orders & account management in one menu that is easy to operate. Take advantage of the only “unlimited user per license” food manufacturing software on the market to manage your sales more efficiently than ever before.

So what will your day to day of Sales & Invoicing look like with NutraSoft?

  • Create & customize your customer files
  • Generate invoices & sales orders that are automatically duplicated in QuickBooks for your accounting department
  • Manage your customer file, notes & reorder points with our customer management menu
  • Selling on the go? Open up your QuickBooks Online App and connect instantly to all your NutraSoft products
  • Run COGS reports for detailed profitability analysis

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