Manufacturing & Traceability

NutraSoft connects every aspect of a food manufacturing business into a single cloud-based ERP solution. NutraSoft gives you the tools, organization, visibility and control needed to take your business to the next level.

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End to end management of your entire business

NutraSoft was designed specifically for the Food & Beverage Industry with over 1,000 food & beverage businesses contributing to the improvement of the program. All the features you expect from a food manufacturing software and more, delivered in a small business package, which includes:

  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Control
  • Production Management
  • Lot Traceability
  • Nutrition Labelling
  • Packaging
  • Quality Control

From the moment you purchase materials from suppliers to the moment your final product is delivered to your customer, NutraSoft manages every aspect of the business and communicates all accounting data to QuickBooks Online as it’s entered. By bringing together all departments of the business into one single platform that manages your workflow from start to finish and communicates the necessary information to your QuickBooks Online accounting system in an organized fashion, NutraSoft drastically increases efficiency & organization of your business. 

Not a jack of all trades… but a master of one

Things you can do with NutraSoft Premium

Traceability & Safety
Be ready for inspection at any time with lot traceability, batch tracking, barcoding, expiry date management, temperature logging, PH level logging, Gluten PPM logging, recall and a custom log creation menu.

Inventory Management
Use NutraSoft’s integrated government food databases to calculate gross and net food inventory requirements, food inventory yield management, food waste calculation, technical document management, expiry date management, live & customizable inventory insight & reports.

Cost Scaling
Using NutraSoft’s detailed food specific process, you can conduct scaling research for each of your products directly in the program to determine optimal batch sizes.

Use our advanced inventory requirement system to determine purchasing quantities and reduce food waste. NutraSoft uses a detailed government food database and your input to determine the average yield of each ingredient. It will then calculate how much you need to order, whenever you need to order. Once a shipment is received, NutraSoft will log the expiry date & lot number.

Quickbooks (Available with the Ultimate Package)
NutraSoft has a full real-time integration with Quickbooks Online that syncs every aspect of your operation in perfect unity with your Quickbooks accounting software.

Production Management
Use NutraSoft’s production management system to manage recipes & formulas, create bill of materials, log food safety measurements, track and manage batches, scale production and research scaling costs, manage expiry dates & food waste while increasing production efficiency.

Nutrition Analysis
Integrated government food databases allow you to conduct recipe and ingredient research, create custom ingredients, conduct nutrition analysis, produce regulation labels and predict ingredient food waste in advance. You can literally conduct ingredient yield research directly in the program in advance of purchasing the ingredient.

Order Fulfillment
Receive and schedule shipments, record lot numbers, location management, configure and schedule packaging operations.

Create customer price lists, sales orders and invoices with your logo and branding built into the program. Record lot numbers & expiry dates for rapid product recall at the push of a button.

The perfect small business software

Over the last 22 years we have developed and added hundreds of food industry specific features by listening to our customers and relying on their suggestions to create the perfect small business software. Some of these features include safety & compliance, recipe development & research, integrated government food databases and custom ingredient creation, food recall and batch tracking & traceability.

Nutrasoft was designed for small food manufacturers by food manufacturing people with real industry experience, and we don’t serve any other industry.

WHY?  Because there aren’t enough affordable ‘all-in-one’ solutions for small businesses. Our goal is to provide a solution that’s easy to access, scalable, and capable of growing as your business grows. Whether you’re an entrepreneur working out of your home, or a QA manager looking for a good traceability system for your company…

…We have a solution made specifically for you!

  • Register all production details offline, online or both! Including lot traceability, food safety measurements, yield and profitability.
  • Schedule the packaging process at the push of a button and automatically generate pick lists to complete the process.
  • Register sales and lot tracking in NutraSoft’s Sales menu where all your customer files are stored.

So what will your day to day look like with NutraSoft Premium?

  • Scan inventory items and lot codes into stock as you receive shipments. Each item will be automatically organized and categorized in the inventory system; lot codes will be automatically generated and attributed to that specific lot. If the shipment doesn’t have a scannable lot code, you can also enter the lot code manually after you scan the item.
  • Upon receipt of the merchandise, you can print your internal barcodes and attach them to each inventory lot for future use.
  • When doing an inventory count or performing an inventory adjustment, simply scan inventory that you want to verify and record the quantity.
  • Plan your production schedule day by day, recipe by recipe into a detailed production calendar
  • Generate inventory requirement reports to guarantee that all required inventory is in stock

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