Nutrition Labelling

Cloud-Based Nutrition Labelling Software. Create FDA & CFIA approved nutrition labels for your food & beverage products

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Add ingredients

 Add ingredients to your Nutrasoft Database. Create your ingredients list by using NutraSoft’s extensive government food & beverage databases or create custom ingredients that may be unique to you (optional: enter your costs and yield for detailed recipe costing information).

Create your recipe

Combine your ingredients in our recipe builder to create your recipes Create sub-recipes and recipes in the NutraSoft database by adding your ingredients and quantities. Select a portion weight to calculate your nutritional facts and write a description of the portion that will appear on the label.

Print your nutritional label

Select the nutritional label format of your choice or create a detailed nutrition analysis technical document.

Choose between Canadian or US label formats

Nutrasoft comes with various label formats Canada and the US. Share your nutritional facts label by exporting them in JPEG or PDF formats. For more detailed nutritional analysis you can print a list of more then 100 nutrients.

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