NutraSoft’s Packaging menu is designed specifically for food & beverage businesses. Package with flexibility, in any way that suits your business.

Get started with your packaging

  • Create all your packaging materials in NutraSoft’s inventory menu.
  • Use NutraSoft’s package configuration menu to implement all your consumer packaged goods inside the program. Whether your packaged goods are sold as a 3-pack, 6-pack, or as a variety pack, NutraSoft can create a packaging configuration for anything! Simply selected packaging materials you use & the quantity of your chosen recipe.
  • Once your packaging configurations have been created, you can use them to schedule packaging for your final product or to package recipes that will have to be aged.
  • Select how many packages you would like to create and NutraSoft will automatically calculate the required materials and create a picklist for you.
  • Register lot numbers of all the materials used in the packaging process and create a lot number for the final product.

Make your packaging process more consistent & efficient than ever

Managing your packaging process has never been SO EASY

With our detailed inventory management system, NutraSoft will automatically determine how many materials you require to complete your packaging operation in order for you to deliver products to customers on time!

NutraSoft’s packaging system allows you to streamline your packaging process by making all the time consuming calculations and adjustments for you. Simply fill in the information fields and let NutraSoft do the rest!

No need to download and upload files or manually enter finished goods into QuickBooks Online. NutraSoft has a real-time integration with Quickbooks Online that communicates inventory, production, packaging, sales and purchasing adjustments as you create them. Whenever a product is packaged, NutraSoft will automatically notify QuickBooks Online. (*) Available with Ultimate Package

Packaging Configuration

Use NutraSoft’s inventory management system to organize all your packaging materials and manage their product files. NutraSoft can store important information including packaging lot numbers, inventory categories, suppliers & detailed PDF technical documents that you may require for your packaging process. Each item will be automatically synced with QuickBooks Online to maintain packaging inventory consistency between both programs (Available with the Ultimate Package).

You can use this menu to register what materials are required for the completion of each final product or packaged recipe. Costs will be automatically calculated and updated automatically based on new purchasing and production information as time goes on.

Organize and schedule packaging operations and material requirements using NutraSoft’s packaging menu. Register lot numbers for any inventory item used in the packaging process and automatically generate a pick list based on how many packages needed. Create a unique lot number for the packaging process itself which can be tracked and recalled at any time with NutraSoft’s traceability & recall system.

So what will your day to day of Packaging look like while using NutraSoft?

  • Use the Packaging menu to schedule or start packaging.
  • Enter the quantity you would like to package & NutraSoft will provide a pick list of all the materials that you require to complete the process.
  • Fill-in the expiration date & lot numbers of the products used.
  • Add notes to the report section if anything noteworthy comes to mind!

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