Food Safety

Tired of tracking lots & logging food safety measurements manually? Then stop! Use Nutrasoft’s health and safety logging features to log all your food safety related measurements directly inside your production process and NutraSoft database.

Configurable Safety Measurements

Use NutraSoft’s “Safety Operations” tab to create all your different types of safety checks and measurements. Then assign these operations to each recipe with detailed instructions on how to conduct them properly.

Now, you won’t have to worry about finding a needle in a haystack during your next audit or compliance inspection. Just open NutraSoft to view information that has been recorded and stored on the cloud for anytime and anywhere access.

Be ready for inspection and recall at anytime

Managing Inspection

  • End-to-end traceability on all materials, inventory & products with batch tracking
  • Identify, trace and recall faulty batches, products & raw materials for effective quality assurance and recalls
  • Identify batches that do not meet health and safety standards at the push of a button
  • Assign safety checks on a per recipe basis throughout your product list and production process
  • Log safety notes & measurements directly on the production sheet

NutraSoft will drastically reduce your workload when it comes to managing and inspecting lots from purchase to sale. As a whole, NutraSoft is designed to make your life easier by allowing you to mold the software as closely as possible to your current operations and habits.

Lot Tracking

Buy inventory and add or scan lots as shipments arrive. Easily produce a report during any stage of the lot tracking process.

Choose Lots

Plan your productions and, if possible, schedule which inventory lots you plan to use in advance. If not, you can select lots during the production or after the production.

Multiple Packaging

Customize your packaging process by creating multiple package configurations for each recipe. Track and create lot codes throughout the process.

NutraSoft in Action

NutraSoft’s user friendly health and safety logging system allows you to easily access every aspect of your daily routine at a push of a button.

  • During a recall, inspection or audit process, food safety checks can be easily found by searching for the batch, production or lot number in question.
  • When production planning, food safety checks will be automatically assigned to the process and will have to be filled out by the team or individual working on the production.

So what will your day to day of Health & Safety logging look like while using NutraSoft?

  • Scan or add inventory items and lot codes into stock as you receive shipments. If the shipment doesn’t have a scannable lot code, you can also enter the lot code manually after you scan the item. Each lot code will be automatically stored in the inventory system.
  • Once logged, the food safety check is archived with the production sheet in your private NutraSoft cloud database. The production sheet can be accessed from anywhere at any time should the need arise.

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