Production Management

NutraSoft’s production management feature was designed for small food manufacturers by food manufacturing people. Save time & money while growing your food & beverage business

Control and track your productions at the push of a button

Reduce audit and inspection time drastically by effortlessly increasing your audit and inspection readiness. Manage your team more efficiently than ever before. Spend less time on all the details and more time growing your business.

With our integrated government food databases, Nutrasoft will suggest & calculate the yield of your ingredients from your inventory through the production process and record all your food safety & quality assurance data.

Produce more concistantly then ever and reduce your food waist in the process

Production Planning

  • Start your food production planning by scheduling when and how you would like to produce a recipe. Once scheduled, this production will be added to a production calendar that is shared and accessible by all the staff.
  • Schedule the packaging process and create a unique lot number for your final product.
  • Make your production process more consistent & efficient, calculate your real COGS while keeping track of your target, and do all of it in just a few clicks.

The food production staff can begin the production process on the scheduled day by consulting the calendar, production sheet & NutraSoft production menu for detailed instructions. Scan ingredients & lot codes used in the production process, take notes, complete quality control and safety checklists and clear the production to be closed and moved into inventory or packaging.

Create recipes and design the food production process around them by adjusting inventory yield and production yield before and after food processing. Create food production operations & quality control operations required for production and audits. Write instructions for the production staff to follow throughout the food production process. Plan inventory lot usage in advance.

Store your recipes and formulas securely

NutraSoft’s production management feature allows you to design a completely configurable and flexible production process that’s tailored to your specific business requirements. As a food manufacturing software, yield is extremely important. With NutraSoft, you can track yield and waste as well as operations batch by batch. Thus, this feature allows you to have complete cost control.

Quality assurance

Create and record safety and quality assurance production details on the cloud with an offline backup.

Production Planning

Detailed production calendar with inventory requirements reports, expiry & lot management.

Bill of Materials

Determine your ingredient cost and yield tracking and simulate scale & material requirements.

NutraSoft in Action

NutraSoft’s user friendly production management system allows you to easily access every aspect of your daily routine at a push of a button.

Quickbooks Online Integration

No need to download and upload files or duplicate your entries with NutraSoft. NutraSoft has a real-time integration with Quickbooks that communicates inventory, production, packaging, sales and purchasing information as you create it. Take advantage of a system that is integrated with complete harmony to Quickbooks Online.

  • When you log the completion of a production process, the batch will be automatically assigned to inventory or to the next step in your business process.
  • Examine detailed production, food safety & traceability reports at the push of a button. Easily recall any batch at any time.

So what will your day to day of Production Management look like while using NutraSoft?

  • Use NutraSoft’s production management menu to schedule production dates in any format of your choosing
  • Assign your team members to each production and generate inventory requirement sheets to ensure that there is enough inventory on hand to meet your needs.
  • Generate online or offline production sheets with instructions, lots & food safety checks.

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