Inventory Management

Nutrasoft’s inventory management includes inventory yield, integrated USDA & CDN food databases, inventory requirement planning, expiry dates, document management & much more!

Inventory Management

Control and track your inventory at the push of a button

NutraSoft’s inventory management system is designed specifically for the food & beverage industry. All food inventory can be connected to government food databases that provide nutritional information and yield suggestions.

With our unique food inventory management system, you can track your food waste and reduce it, analyze your inventory yield with the aid of government databases to predict precise inventory reorder quantities and levels.

Simply put, NutraSoft is made for food manufacturers by food manufacturing people

Inventory Tracking and Control

Tracking & Control

  • End to end traceability begins with the purchasing process all the way to the finished goods.
  • With NutraSoft, you can scan or log the lot codes of materials from your suppliers, whether they are raw materials, packaging materials or anything else
  • Create your own lot codes during the production process & packaging process then track those lot codes through your sales channels to wherever they may end up.

Create inventory & product categories, product lines, product types & inventory locations to organize your inventory control system in a way that reflects how you actually operate your food business. NutraSoft even allows you to connect your food items to corresponding items in the USDA or CNF database in order to calculate nutritional information and to log food inventory yield and food waste. In instances where you are not certain about your inventory yield, NutraSoft will provide yield suggestions for thousands of different types of foods, spices & beverages to help you make accurate estimations.

Concerned about inventory reorder points?

Nutrasoft will automatically inform you when your inventory is low and will even estimate and suggest the quantity you should reorder. In fact, we go the extra mile when it comes to minimizing food & inventory waste, as NutraSoft generates a reorder list based on your inventory yield and production schedule. This allows food waste to be calculated in advance and minimized as much as possible.

Stay in Sync with Suppliers​

Easily stay up to date with your supplier pricelists by using NutraSoft’s convenient “supplier pricelist upload” feature that will automatically adjust your supplier pricelist in all your product files.


Having trouble finding a software that really fits your business? We got you covered.. NutraSoft allows you to customize every aspect of the program to fulfill your business needs. From purchasing to sales and inventory to packaging, do things your way.

Food Waste

Unpredictable food waste will be a thing of the past with Nutrasoft’s database aided inventory requirement tools.

NutraSoft in Action

NutraSoft’s user friendly inventory management system allows you to easily access every aspect of your daily routine at a push of a button.

Cost Accounting​

Dive deep into how much it actually costs you to run your operation. Not only does NutraSoft have a full real-time integration with QuickBooks, but it also fills in all the gaps that only a food specific software can fill. Calculate your food waste and yield on inventory items by leveraging our integrated food yield databases. Register product and batch yield in production and use our detailed inventory requirement reports menu to order exactly what you need, every time.

Food Cost Accounting
  • Whether you manage your inventory based on FIFO, FEFO, LIFO or on your own lot selection, you can log expiration dates and pull inventory for your production process in the way that best suits your food business.
  • NutraSoft’s customization tools allow small businesses to tailor the software to their process needs.
Food Manufacturing
  • When doing an inventory count or performing an inventory adjustment, simply scan inventory that you want to verify and record the quantity.

So what will your day to day of Inventory Management look like while using NutraSoft?

  • Scan inventory items and lot codes into stock as you receive shipments. Each item will be automatically organized and categorized in the inventory system; lot codes will be automatically generated and attributed to that specific lot. If the shipment doesn’t have a scannable lot code, you can also enter the lot code manually after you scan the item.
  • Upon receipt of the merchandise, you can print your internal barcodes and attach them to each inventory lot for future use.

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